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School Tution Policy

Immanuel Lutheran Church, as part of its ministry of Christian Education, will budget monies to financially assist parents who wish to utilize the blessings of our WELS Lutheran schools. To that end, Immanuel Lutheran will financially support Immanuel member families with children enrolled in the kindergarten through 8th grade program of any area WELS grade school. The families will be responsible for paying any and all school fees charged by the school their children are attending. Immanuel will pay an amount equal to the tuition minus what members of that school’s congregation pay for fees (up to $3,000). Click Here for a list of Area WELS Grade Schools.

Since the Lord has graciously blessed our parents with the opportunity to continue offering a Christ-centered education at the secondary level, Immanuel will also financially support any member families with children enrolled in one of our WELS Area Lutheran High Schools. For those families who choose a school of which Immanuel is not a member congregation, the church will provide financial assistance equal to the amount of non-association member tuition minus the association tuition (up to $3,000)*. Those members who choose to send their children to an ALHS of which Immanuel is a member congregation will be required to pay whatever amount that school has set for member congregation tuition.

If a family is availing themselves of a Christian education under the school choice program, they will receive no congregational aid. If they receive congregational aid and it is determined that they received school choice assistance, they will be responsible for reimbursing the congregation any funds that were disbursed to their educational institution.

This policy will be subject to review at the end of May every year.


*For example: If it costs association members $6,000 and non-association members $8,000, Immanuel would pay the difference of $2,000. The family would be responsible for the remaining $6,000 which is what they would pay if a member of an association congregation. This assistance will be capped at $3,000. This policy would not affect families at WLA since our congregation is a part of the WLA association